What the new 3D addition to Adobe will mean for the DCC industry

Over the last week, Adobe came out with a rather significant announcement. For around $1,000, you can purchase Adobe software that integrates 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) into Adobe Acrobat documents. Although you need to purchase Adobe Acrobat 3D, the software that allows you to put CAD designs into the Acrobat document, others can view the design for free as long as they have the free Acrobat reader. This will not only change the CAD industry, but will likely spill over into the DCC market, and will have significant impacts there.


Anthem Visual Effects Wraps 13 “Masters of Horror” VFX Projects

More than 200 shots completed for original one-hour movies

(February 09, 2006) Anthem Visual  Effects  has completed over 200 visual  effects for IDT Entertainments “Masters of Horror,” a series of 13 original one-hour movies in HD co-produced by IDT Entertainment, Industry Entertainment and Nice Guy Productions, according to Lee Wilson, President and Visual  Effects  Supervisor at Anthem.

Anthem Visual FX