The Foundry Demos Their New 3d Texture Paint Tool Mari.

Mari is The Foundry’s new 3d paint and texture tool. Originally developed by Weta’s R&D department, It was used during the production of Avatar, King Kong and Lord of The Rings. This 3d texturing program can handle 32K textures without slowing down and will soon be available with a price tag of $750.

Mari Painting dinosaur textures

Mari 32K textures Terminator

Mari 4K animated textures on an anvil model

10 Really Cool Fusion Tutorials

Fusion (formally Digital Fusion) is Eyeon’s flagship motion graphics and video compositing package, used in a variety of films that are currently in theaters and TV, such as Avatar and Lost.

here are 10 Fusion tutorials that will help you get your shots off:

Make a cool title using the text tool and follower

Create a Radar Screen

Create Anisotropic Highlights

Using Fusion’s 3d Locator

Creating a Radar Screen

Composite blood onto your scene

Heat Effects using Fusion Particles

Using Depth of Field to create a realistic scene

Advance Sky Replacement

Using masks (in French)

10 Awesome Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Here are 10 pretty good Hollywood style After Effects tutorials, enjoy.

Color Correction in After Effects

Creating a hologram in After Effects with holomatrix

Match Move 2d Art in After Effects

Rotoscoping Using After Effects

Mask Techniques in After Effects

3d Text in After Effects

Green Screen in After Effects

Hancock Style Superhero Landing Using After Effects

Keying in After Effects

Basic Camera Manipulation in After Effects