World War Z First Trailer

Here is the first full trailer for World War Z.  The latest zombie apocalyptic horror movie to hit the screen. Loosely based on a popular book of the same name, this movie adaptation employs thousands of berserking cg zombies who run around like a plague of rats and destroy everything in their paths. That’s some impressive crowd simulation right there.

World War Z Sneak Peek

Entertainment Tonight showed a glimpse to a trailer for the upcoming zombie epic zombie movie, “World War Z”, starring Brad Pitt.  My predictions. There will be plenty of cg zombies, and one wooden actor in this movie.


Evil Dead 2013 Redband Trailer

Check out the newly released redband trailer for the remake of “The Evil Dead”!  Hey, don’t know if there will be any visual fx in this movie but who cares, sometimes practical effects are way better than computer generated stuff anyway, right?