For a long time Hollywood has made bank off the hard work of the visual fx artist. It needs to stop, now!


Scanline VFX Breakdown Reel For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Here is the amazing visual effects breakdown reel from Scanline VFX for the movie: Batman vs Superman.


Will These 3 Real-Time Game Engines Eliminate Traditional 3d Rendering Once And For All?

Could this be the beginning of the end of traditional 3d rendering? These state of the art real-time game engines all render a 3d scene in a blink of an eye. What used to take weeks now takes less than a second. So, isn’t it time to kill-off the rendering process all together? Do you really need expensive render farms and patience to render the next Star Wars fan film? Did I miss any 3d engines? let me know.

Ubisoft’s The Division Snowdrop Engine:

Unreal Engine 4 Free:

Crytek’s Cryenginet Free – Donation:


Creating A Star Trek Space Scene With 3ds Max, Vray And Affter Effects – Complete Visual FX Pipeline Tutorial

Sci-fi fan films on youtube are gaining in popularity. Create your own favorite scene with this visual fx pipeline tutorial. May the force be with you, live long and prosper.

The Making of Star Trek: Horizons and Visual fx pipeline

The full Star Trek: Horizons Fan Film:

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